Announcement of joining the global network “IPG”

 We are pleased to announce that we have joined the global network IPG (INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE GROUP). The IPG is an international non-profit organization of independent lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, M&A professionals and other professionals.


The IPG currently consists of more than 110 companies and more than 2,500 professionals around the world. Joining this platform will enable us to provide advisory services to companies around the world.

Our company consists of middle-aged members who have extensive international experience and operate our economic activities with a social mission, responsibility, and purpose of “Working for a better future.”

The investment activities conducted by our company, ourselves, and society as a whole are not limited to the pursuit of immediate individual convenience and immediate profits in corporate activities, but also the social infrastructure and economic society that today’s children will live in the future

In today, when the world’s economic growth rate is slowing down, “quality” is important in the growth process, and at the same time, national borders are disappearing, and economic activities are being conducted on a global basis.

Throughout joining the IPG, we and our group will strengthen our structure to support the global activities of companies that are tackling social issues such as sustainable social development and poverty eradication.


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