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Audit and Assurance

The value of "trust" is generated by an assurance of a certified public accountant who is a professional in accounting and auditing on a financial information prepared by a company, which enables stakeholders such as investors, creditors and customers can do business with peace of mind and lead the company to the sustainable growth. We make a promise to go on providing that "trust" at a high level by professionals with a wealth of experience, various backgrounds, and a mission.



With the development of technology, the world has rapidly become seamless, sophisticated, and complex. Walls such as national borders and time constraints, as well as barriers between generations, are being removed day by day, and events in faraway countries have an immediate impact on our lives. Also in corporate activities, the environment surrounding companies is rapidly making a progress at a dizzying pace, such as the globalization of accounting standards, the sophistication of M&A schemes, the emergence of new fund raising scheme, and the increasing complexity and sophistication of risks surrounding companies. We provide advisory services that flexibly respond to changes in the environment based on our wealth of experience and knowledge.

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