Notice Concerning Establishment of Minami-Fuji Audit LLC and Minami-Fuji LLP

In April, 2021, we established Minami-Fuji Audit LLC and Minami-Fuji LLP with a corporate mission of the “WORKING FOR A BETTER FUTURE.”
In modern society, where material affluence has significantly improved compared to half a century ago, at the same time as the capitalist economy is making a breakthrough, everywhere, “polarization” between developed and backward countries, between metropolitan areas and rural areas, generations, between men and women, and digital divide, etc, is progressing greatly.

Headquarter are located in the geographical center of Japan, and at the foot of the symbol of Reiho Fuji from ancient times. We will work on balancing a “polarized” society in excessive capitalism every day.

Placing the solution of social issues in the “middle” of it, without being bound by the framework of experts, we will create a “prosperous society in which both ourselves and others are valuable.”

Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement.


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